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Commercial Real Estate Transactions, Workouts Default & Manangment, Underwriting


  Due diligence, underwriting, loan workout, process management, lease analysis   

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Marble Surface

 What should you be doing right now as a CRE Lender? 

If you said "reviewing all the CRE loans in my portfolio,"  you would be right.  Do your portfolio managers have all the tools they need to do a deep dive?  Who is reviewing the loan document covenants, big "D" and little "d" defaults?  When do you get a receiver?  Do you modify, standstill, or forebear and what it the difference?   Did you pull title to check the tax payments, liens, etc.  How do you underwrite when the market is changing by the week?  Let us help you!

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CRE Execution Strategies, Inc., is committed to helping anyone involved in commercial real estate find solutions to complex problems - and avoid them before they become deal killers.  

Let us help you close a transaction, train your junior asset or transaction managers, help you avoid deal killing problems, negotiate with your lender or help create, train or manage your CRE special assets group.  



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