Consulting and Transaction Management 

Add our team to your team for CRE asset management, loan, purchase or default transaction 

Commercial Real Estate is complicated, and it takes years of doing it to develop the skills necessary to close fast and identify real risks that can affect values down the road 

If you don't have that team in place yet, we have 

   experienced professionals who can underwrite, negotiate, run your due diligence, checklist, legal doc review, title, appraisals and environmental review.

Who runs your due diligence?   

Use your Attorney for the legal work- not your underwriting or DD work.  Insure your internal folks can run your deals efficiently and effectively.  I

We come from law firms, banks, funds and special assets - we know it from both sides of the field.


Never close a commercial real estate deal without your attorney -  just add to your resources for a fast, easy and less expensive solution.