NEW!  Lender Special Focused Program:

Workouts, Loan Modifications & Forbearance; pre-foreclosure training and coaching - 3 hours of in-depth analysis, due diligence and most common pitfalls   

Give everyone the tools to be more effective and efficient at their job!


Our training aligns with your goals - we  establishing meaningful assessments to ensure we are meeting your critical learning needs by developing programs that address the knowledge gap of team members, bringing them up to speed in a short, concentrated period of time.

We meet your specific needs and won't put your folks asleep.   We make learning a benefit and an appreciated skill development.      

Gradient Ocean

CRE Fundamentals:  Course 1 & 2 

Contract structure; understanding property types; basic transaction documentation and managment; introduction to due diligence, title and escrow & checklist management 

Course 3:  Acquisitions/Sale Transactions.

LOI, contingency periods, due diligence, checklist management, reading purchase and sale documents. roles and responsibilities, closing & overcoming the inevitable issues, title instructions and escrow.  Introduction to loans as part of the acquisition and closing.

Course 4:  Commercial Real Estate Lending 

LOI, CRE due diligence/risk analysis, reading & understanding loan documents, environmental and appraisal reports & how to review each; closing checklists, title, compliance, overcoming barriers to closing. 

Course 5:  Construction Real Estate Lending 

Additional to Part 4- construction budgets, construction loan  documents and budgets, approval, cost review analysis, inspection reports, permits, entitlement analysis, title, construction endorsements and post closing hand off for construction management.    


Course 6:  Title and Escrow  

Exploration of title products (property profiles, prelims, commitments, proforma and binders, in depth review of Policy coverage, exception analysis, endorsements, legal descriptions; Survey analysis, Subdivision Map Act  (CA), etc.  

Course 7:  Closing and Post-Closing

Closing preparation, checklist management, purchase/sale and loan coordination, title/escrow instructions, settlement statements, post-closing conditions and calendars, roles of attorneys, brokers and asset managers.

Course 8:  Pre-foreclosure, Foreclosure 

Pre-foreclosure analysis, in-depth due diligence and document review, default process & planning, guarantees, deeds in lieu, judicial v. non-judicial foreclosures, receivership and the default processes.   

“The great end of learning is not knowledge but action”


Course 9:  CRE Leadership & Management 

Interactive discussions on best practices & process management, and managing expectations, best use of internal and external resources, communication techniques and teamwork; creating effective metrics for effectiveness and success.